Welcome to the
Barons of Bullshit

Welcome to the
Barons of Bullshit

About Us

We are a tightly-knit community of folks who like to play video games.

This is the central hub for all of your Barons of Bullshit needs. Here you can find information about our community and game servers.

News & Announcements

Back to basics for 1.8

Apr 4th, 2014 by seriosbrad

For 1.8 we will be aiming for simplicity. There are several large plugins that while fun in practice, became unused and unnecessary.

To be removed (other plugins still being reviewed):
  • Economy (Shops, Baron Bucks, pay-per-use commands)
  • Pets
  • Emerald Tools
  • Economy's are just too incredibly difficult and flawed to implement into Minecraft. Instead, we will continue to use our Kudos points system. Kudos are points given out to players from staff if they see a player doing a good deed or contributing to the community by some means. Spending Kudos will give you permanent access to special non-game-changing tools or commands. The system still needs a lot of tweaking.

/home will be free. I will look into multiple /homes, but that will likely be a Kudos package.

Feel free to discuss this here

Clarification on how Staff Applications work

Mar 30th, 2014 by seriosbrad

When we receive an application, we do not usually discuss the progress of acceptance or denial of the application with the applicant. Even if we deem the application acceptable and we do not deny it, it does not mean you will be accepted for several reasons; we don't need staff, there are higher priority applicants, there are no vacancies, etc. Your application will be in our system indefinitely, idling, until we proceed to do something with it. Feel free to discuss this here

New world not until 1.8

Mar 4th, 2014 by seriosbrad

This is just a heads up for when 1.8 is released. We will be starting a new world, but not until a beta build of craftbukkit. This is expected to happen around the end of April.

When we started running a new world for 1.7.2, we did so too early which left us with a world that was not generated properly. Jungles and ocelots are almost non-existent. We will be patient to avoid this sort of problem for 1.8.

That said, many thanks to all our players for sticking with our current world despite the issues. In fact, there hasn't really been any complaints about hard to find jungles, just casual comments.

New Site Design

Jan 8th, 2014 by Vintage Soap via Steam

The Barons of Bullshit[www.baronsofbullshit.com] website has been redesigned! The home page now links all of our game servers together in one place.

Most gamers have a Steam account, so we decided to use Steam logins for the site. In the near future, there will be more user-integration, such as having your own personalized profile. The Forum and your account there will remain separate from this Steam login system.

Now that I've finished the final touches on the site design and home page, all that remains is to fill in the blank pages.