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  1. monsterk22

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    I have an idea for a new mini-game for minecraft I had an idea for a big build on the server and its actually interesting so ask me about it if you don't see me on the server and it will probably take place in another portal world if its possible Its like factions with five set factions with set area's and the people that aren't with factions can choose to go in alone you will have something special for each area to show who they are there will be one king for each area and to become king you have to kill the old king but the king will have this good armor so it wont be easy . it will be a big build and i will do all of it if i have to but it seems like it has potential.
  2. Pelaguis the insane

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    Sounds like a sexy minigame. Might make some feuds tho

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  3. monsterk22

    monsterk22 Active Member Baron

    That would be the case but since there are few people that would actually play it they would already have a good surplus of item's so that the drops would just be something usless but the money system would be interesting
  4. Sideways02

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    I did not understand the first topic at all. Break up your paragraph into different sections and try to organize your thoughts a little better. So far I have gathered:

    • Like factions
    • 5 factions
    • Each faction has a king
    • Only one king, you become king by killing the old king, who has good armor.
    • Each "Faction: will have something that separates them from the other factions
    Other then joining a faction, what's the purpose of the minigame? Are you trying to make your faction the best? What kind of themes are you thinking of?
  5. seriosbrad

    seriosbrad Staff Member SuperOP Server Owner

    From what I gather it's a bit like "king of the hill" that gets progressively more difficult. It could be interesting with enough players. Not sure how we would handle the armor of each new king becoming automatically more difficult though.

    It would require quite a few more plugins and most likely a new world, which we don't really have resources for.
  6. Sideways02

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    I have a relatively unused server sitting on the starbound account.

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  7. Charlie

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    could just spawn in armor with slightly op enchants
  8. seriosbrad

    seriosbrad Staff Member SuperOP Server Owner

    Yeah but it would create a pause in gameplay waiting for administrators to do this, it should be automatic

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