RESOURCE For public interest: ๖ۣۜProddy³/TehMCTerrorist is a poison plugin user

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by seriosbrad, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. seriosbrad

    seriosbrad Staff Member SuperOP Server Owner

    He gets excited here, thinking he's got me fooled and disconnects to convince me he's doing work:
    I ban him:
    I ban him again as he logs in with an alt account:
    I ban his IP as he struggles to keep my interest; failing to trick me into installing a poison plugin:

    Upon some quick googling, he posts over at Probably elsewhere also, under the aliases "๖ۣۜProddy³", "TehMCTerrorist" and "TehMCTerrorists".

    Some links:
    Here is admitting to getting an admin install a poison plugin
    Very easy to find him engaging in hacking activities in general
    Just stick "๖ۣۜProddy³" into google.

    This information is being provided to get the information out there for any other server admins being suspicious of his activity on your server. I don't really care that he enjoys to exploit games, but to try and outwit server owners or grief their servers because they are novices isn't right.
  2. xXZephyrusXx

    xXZephyrusXx I MAD SCIENTIST Duke

    Fucked 'im up brad.
  3. seriosbrad

    seriosbrad Staff Member SuperOP Server Owner

    Not really lol. I'm just not some 10 year old admin that is susceptible to "social engineering" as they like to call it. I see they like to grief servers with shitty admins or pay to win servers. I couldn't give two shits about them either.

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  4. wingdude100

    wingdude100 Bow Hunter Baron

    Hackers are fags anyway. Probably 10 year olds as well.

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