Barons of Bullshit
Survival Multiplayer


Barons of Bullshit is one of the longest running yet unknown Minecraft servers. Starting in 2009 with version 0.0.17a.

Several custom servers were used to expand upon the features of classic. There were many available, but here is Barons of Bullshits' history with them:

Once Survival Multiplayer (SMP) was released with the addition of mobs, new custom servers had to be used.

Our Goal

We aim to provide our players with a pseudo-vanilla survival PvE experience with minimalistic but fun mods. We do our best to configure these mods as to not sacrifice the feeling of Vanilla Minecraft. We take pride in being a smaller yet fun and close community. Grief is rare but also logged; it can be rolled back. Worlds have a long shelf life, starting from scratch only on every major game changing Minecraft update. Barons of Bullshit is small because we rarely advertise, operating normally by word of mouth.


  1. Do not: Teleport, or break into a home to kill or loot.
  2. Do not Grief farms, homes, bypass locked entries.
  3. Do not: Steal mobs from corrals or stables.
    • NOTE: PvP, Looting Farms and Chests is ALLOWED. However, you must still adhere to Rule #2.