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  1. Do not: Teleport, or break into a home to kill or loot.
  2. Do not: Grief farms, homes, bypass locked entries.
  3. Do not: Steal mobs from corrals or stables.
NOTE: PvP, Looting Farms and Chests is ALLOWED. However, you must still adhere to Rule #2.

Getting around[edit]

  • To set your home, you need to first use /sethome
  • To get back home, use /home.
  • Teleport to your friends by sending them a request with /tpa.
  • Or bring your friends to you with /tpahere.
  • You may return to spawn by using /spawn.
    • VIP members can use the command /back to return to a previous position.

Support Tickets[edit]

Support tickets are a way to gain the attention of both online and offline staff members. It allows you to ask us a question or report a problem without interrupting chat. Your position will be recorded in case we need to review grief.

Support Ticket - Commands[edit]
  • Use /ticket open <your message> to submit a support ticket.
    • Please stand in the area which you are reporting, if you are reporting grief.

/ticket read - List your open tickets.

/ticket complete #id - If you no longer need assistance.


Rank Commands
Baron VIP Admin

Staff Members[edit]

Active Staff - Mod Guide
Inactive Staff